Weight Lifting Belt Back Support Workout Belt with Metal Buckle


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Size: L, XL

Sale: Wholesale/Drop Shipping

Package include: 1Pcs * Waist Support

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: waist support belt

Material: Nylon

Color: black,blue

Brand Name: SPOSAFE

Applicable People: Adult Men Women

Applicable People: Adult

Package include: 

1Pcs * Weight Lifting Belt

Size Chart:

L—Waisr circumference 80-100cm/31.5-39.3inch 

XL—Waisr circumference 100-120cm/39.3-47.2inch 


1. Material: Nylon

2. Color: blue, black

3. Size: L, XL

4. Applicable People: Adults Men Women   

About this item:

❤ IMPROVED FORM and TECHNIQUE – Maintaining proper squat and lifting form is essential to not only strength gains, but for reducing injuries. This weightlifting belt helps ensure you sustain balance and stability throughout your sets.

❤ PREVENT BACK INJURIES – Properly supporting your lower back (lumbar) is important, especially when lifting, twisting or supporting heavy weights. Our weightlifting belt is perfect for Cross Training exercises, powerlifting and daily fitness.

❤ COMFORTABLE LEATHER – Each lifting belt is comfortable, adjustable and won’t slip or “ride” while you’re performing squats, power cleans, dead lifts, or clean and jerks; just lift, gain and support your physicality.

❤ BUILD CORE STRENGTH – Front to back, your core muscles play a major factor in your health and fitness. Our gym belt helps prevent back injury, but it also helps sustain strong abdominals and a thick back.

❤ POWERFUL – Our weight lifting belts for men and women are fashioned to a thickness and width that allow you to go harder during training. On average, this deadlift belt has helped improve lifts by 10%.

Why do you need a weight lifting belt ?

❤ Well protected when lifting heavyweights.

❤ Add stability and strength to back muscles.

❤ Wearing a gym fitness belt will help you improve your posture.

❤ Generate more power and strength and reach your new goals in the gym.

❤ You will receive great support for your back and you will be ready for more heavy squats and deadlifts than ever.

❤ With high-quality materials, extra strong stitching and a heavy-duty metal buckle, never worry about a belt popping open ever again.

❤ More secure and more confident when you wear the belt during the workout.

❤ Mostly used for deadlifts, squats, shrugs, leg press, every time you lift heavy weights.

Gift Ideas in Weight Lifting Belts

Maybe that person in your life has been using the same lifting belt so much, and you noticed it was wear and tear. A fresh one may be a great option for a holiday gift. Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, or surprises in daily life. It may seem simple, but who doesn’t need more quality lifting belts?

Whether you’re shopping for a lifter or you are a weightlifter looking to spoil yourself, our weight lifting belt will be a great choice for you.

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